It’s Our Pleasure

Our services allow you to “Give Yourself or Your staff the Gift Of Time”, by providing us with your to do list. We are here to assist you living your best life by creating extraordinary experiences. We offer a multitude of personal and business services. If the service you require doesn’t fall into one of the listed categories, please give us a call so that we may create a customized plan just for you. Your imagination really is the only limit to the assignments that we’ll take on.

If you’re not sure how you can make the most of our team here are some ideas.

  • Concierge Services

    My staff will handle your schedule. We will book your appointments and dinner reservations, make travel arrangements, coordinate spa visits and handle anything on your schedule that can be done remotely. We know the value of your time and will take care to make sure your schedule is meticulously maintained.

  • Errand Services

    Do you need your dry cleaning dropped off and picked up? Do you need grocery shopping done? Is there a birthday or gift-giving holiday coming up and you just don’t have enough time to search for the perfect gift? Do you need someone to arrange your holiday decorations? This is something we can handle for our clients. My staff is there to handle it like you would, if you had the time.

  • Event Management Services

    Would you like to have an event where you are allowed to to be present and enjoy your guests? We can assist you with this desire. We produce & manage first class events by collaborating with you on a plan that includes your exact specifications. We plan and administer each step from initial concept to final execution.

  • Lifestyle Management Services

    You will never have to plan your day (or your assistant’s day) around the five-hour window of a plumber or cable technician again. We tap into our vendor database or do the necessary research to hire the perfect business to get the job done right. We open your home to the service providers, supervise the work, handle the invoice payment for the service (if that is your desire) and secure your property, so that your day is not impacted at all. You return to a home that is running perfectly.

    Imagine walking into a spotless kitchen that is already stocked with your absolute favorite brand of coffee. Then envision opening your refrigerator to find everything you need for a healthy breakfast, even though you can’t remember the last time you set foot inside a Whole Foods Market. Or, suppose you finally found the time to squeeze your next vacation getaway into your busy schedule and all you had to do was pack your bags and show up at the airport because everything has already been handled for you, making your trip seamless. What if you moved to a new home or a new office and you turned the key to your new space and was welcomed by already unpacked bags and boxes? What if you could walk into a new space where everything is in its place and all you have to do is settle in?

    With the help of The LifeStyle Group, this can be your reality.

Our membership options are available in 3, 6 and 12-month retainer packages. After our initial consult you will be provided with a customized proposal designed to meet your specific objectives.